Monday, August 9, 2010

July Accomplishments!

This month was a good one. JD finished summer camp at All Therapy Connection and he starts back in August for the school session. I'm really excited because he's made so many strides since we started there. I can't say that everyday I'm so up beat, lately I think I've been finding myself down when I sit down and think that this journey will be for the rest of our lives. I know we're actually very lucky to have what we do with JD - he's an amazing boy with a huge personality and more love than I know what to do with. But when moments come when you see another person with a child that's probably a year younger than yours and they are so far past them in development that it makes your heart sink a little. I always wonder why I didn't notice his issues sooner. But I can't beat myself up - really, what difference would it have made? It's not like it would change the fact that he has autism. I guess that's why I try to stay positive, it's easier to get through the day when you think of the good rather than the bad.

JD has come so far in so many ways, but there are a few things that stand out to me. One of those things is listening to a request and completing it. I remember back in March when he was diagnosed I didn't think we'd there, at least not this quickly. At that time if you said, "JD go get your cup" he had no idea that: 1. you were even talking to him, 2: what the heck a cup was and 3. that you wanted him to do something with the cup. I'm always so thrilled when he responds to a request now!

Another funny thing that stands out in my mind are three words: NO, MINE and DONE. Most parents hate the day their children begin saying these words, however this month JD finally started using these words to express his feelings without acting out in violence! I personally love these words now and I can't tell you how happy I am to hear the word done rather than pick food that's been thrown off the floor!

All in all it's been a good month. I'm really looking forward to fall though, this summer heat is killing me. I can't wait to meet the kids in JD's class - I'm really going to miss his friends Matthew and Mason who were his buddies during summer. They are off to "big kid" school which is pre-K! I wish them all the best of luck!


Anonymous said...

Hi Judy,I appreciate your love for your son.Never think that you are one month late.."Its better late than Never."Keep supporting your child and pray to Almighty..You and your family will definitely come over it."Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." God Bless You and Your Beautiful gurmeet

Molly said...

I totally hear you - it's so amazing to hear our little guys start to speak or sign. People get the stink eye (ok, sort of, in my head) when they say things like, "Once he starts talking, you'll wish he'd shut up!" Glad to have another friend in the trenches!

Anonymous said...

The greatest moments for me is when my son comes to me signing more and saying (mo) without the meltdowns. At that moment, I'm ready to give him all that he's asking for! Just that one word is bliss for me :)

elsiewhike said...

What a beautiful family. My grandson also has autism, and will be 16 in November. He's the sweetest kid anyone would want. He's very high-functioning, and will start high school in the fall. His parents have been able to make available to him so many developmental aids. We are all blessed to have Alex in our lives. Best of luck to you all, and God bless you.