Monday, September 20, 2010

My love for Brown Bear...

Six months ago seems like an eternity away at this point. JD has come so far and sometimes it's easy to forget where we were in March. One thing that always makes me smile is sitting and reading Brown Bear Brown Bear at night with JD. I remember when he was diagnosed that he didn't know ANY of the animals. He couldn't say any of the names, he didn't point at them, nothing. Jason would sit each night and read him the book and go out of his way to make these great animal sounds for him, which JD loved. Eventually JD could imitate the sounds each animal made, but still couldn't say the actual name of the animal. We were stuck in this mode for months. Then eventually it's like the light turned on. We sit at night and go through the book and he can name every single one! At the last page, I'll ask him to point out each one and he will! He knows all the sounds they make and the colors. It's amazing and it humbles me to know what in six months we've done more than I could have imagined with him! So for this I say that I officially love Brown Bear! :)

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