Sunday, February 20, 2011

Amazing Accomplishments!

Today was a HUGE day for the Graham Family but unless you know our situation, or have a child with autism, you may have completely overlooked it. This morning we turned on Chugginton, which I knew would be a big hit with JD because he loves trains. Then the small miracles started to unfold...
Immediately he got up and asked for help to get his tunnel and tracks out of the closet. (He used pointing and words for help!)
I took them out with hesitation (because normally he gets so frustrated with them that he ends up in a huge tantrum), but when I gave him the box he AMAZED me. Instead of taking them over to his favorite table in the corner, he placed the box on the floor and started putting the tracks together! In THREE years my child has NEVER played on the floor. It's because it's not at eye-level, which parents of children with autism know they prefer to do to so they can "stim."
If that wasn't exciting enough, I then watched Ashley come and play with him, helping him put together the tracks as he pretended to play with his trains. TEARS started dropping... they've never played together like this before. I sat there and watched, cheering them on, and took pictures like it was the biggest feat in the world. But to us it is - it's a huge step in the right direction. Almost exactly a year ago we found out about JD's autism, and as a family we've worked so hard. Today was one of those days you wait for, that you think will never happen, but amazingly enough they do!

Here are some pictures of our happy day. I wanted to share it with all - it's an inspiration! I am so proud of my little boy, for moments like these come so easy to others but for him it all had to be learned. Communication, pretend play, no "W" sitting, no tantrums... all huge accomplishments!
I love you JD!

A few of his favorite table and the wear and tear it's taken over the last three years.... all morning it sat empty, and that made me smile :-)


Lisa Orton said...

Great update! Sounds like it was a really great day. Wishing you continued success on JD's journey.

Tina K said...

Amazing! Congrats JD!!

Ashley said...

That's so huge. It made my heart melt to read about this. :)