Saturday, April 23, 2011

FAQ # 4 - What's Your Biggest Worry?

This is a good one. I'm quite a worrier, so at any point in time I have a million things running through my head. But if I had to name my "biggest" worry I think it would be bullying. It seems like everyday you turn on the news or read online that a child has either killed themselves or have been killed because of bullying. I just don't understand how the world has come to this. I find it so sad that children can be so cruel to one another - but I guess it's always been this way. Maybe it's just the fact that social media has made it much easier for these kids to bully each other in a large-scale format, or maybe the morals of our society are going down the drain. Either way it's what I worry about the most. We work so hard to get JD "mainstreamed" - but at the same time I know that he'll always be the "quirky" kid in class and he'll probably be made fun of. All I can do as a parent is try to do educate others about autism, including other children, because as the diagnosis rates continue to rise I know that JD won't be the only one facing this problem.

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