Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Potty Training... UGH!

I really dislike potty training. If it was up to me, my kids would probably be in diapers for a long, long time. But potty training a child with autism takes it to a whole new level. JD has been "potty training" for the past 8 months. He would probably be trained by now if it wasn't for me and Jason not following through. It's just such a pain to change routines around our house. With three kids, ages 5 and under, we live and die by the routine. And JD wouldn't have it any other way. He LOVES routine. Any changes to that routine ROCKS his world. So now, as JD goes to school, he's potty trained for the teachers because it's part of their routine. But when he gets home it's like a free-for-all. He screams, hits, pinches, bites - any time we try to get him to go to the potty. It's like torture for him AND us. And then I feel so bad making him go. I know it's just the change in the routine and he knows mommy and daddy will let him get away with not sticking to it - so in 2012 my goal is to STICK with it at home. Maybe if I just did the math on how much I'd save on diapers and wipes per month would motivate me!

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blackenpot said...

Hi there, I know that DJ will get there in the end. But I do understand how trying this training must be for both you and him.

Thank you for sharing.