Monday, February 20, 2012

Zone Defense in Full Effect!

Ever since Kyle came into our family two years ago our man-on-man type of parenting was thrown out the door for a zone-defense approach. Three on Two isn't (too) bad, but Three on One isn't fun, especially when it's Three on One with all three being five and under.

Today was a crazy day. I had the day off from work, but Jason had a few appointments in Tampa so it was me versus three bored kids. It's always tempting to just make them sit at home and watch tv because taking all three out on my own is really a recipe for disaster, but I've found that 8 hours of whining about being bored in the house isn't all that fun either. So knowing that the weather was going to be beautiful I decided to take the kids to Green Meadows, our local petting zoo.

It really seemed like a good idea, but as we got out of the car and all three kids ran in different directions I quickly realized I was totally outnumbered AND surrounded by parents of perfectly behaved children giving me the "this lady is crazy and her kids are totally out of control" look. Thankfully one of my friends from work came along with his little boy so I wasn't completely on my own, but at the end of the day it's me and three wild animals surrounded by hundreds of real wild animals... what the heck was I thinking?

It started out a little rough as we went through the "tour" - I have to say, the people that run the place take it VERY seriously and want to tell the kids alllllll about each animal. Now my kids have no patience for any kind of story telling - they want their hands on those animals ASAP! In the back of my head I'm swearing at the lovely tour guide wishing she would just open the pin and let the kids go in. (Did I mention I have no patience either?)

Ashley is pretty self-sufficient, however she is very much a know-it-all (insert big laugh here!), JD on the other hand is in his own world and has no idea that a massive animal might actually bite him, and Kyle is just a drama queen crying the entire time. My Zone D was in full effect!... Huge ostrich that bites? No problem, catching a duck? No problem. Juice boxes and snacks? No problem. Train ride? No problem. Parents watching me as I chase after three children going in three different directions - PROBLEM! I'm sure it's quite a sight to see, but geeez people, it's a petting farm! GET A GRIP! It's not like they're running into the road!!! And let me go ahead and answer all your questions...

YES - all three are mine and YES they were planned back-to-back-to-back and YES the red hair is from me and YES my middle child is developmentally delayed and YES I'm obviously insane. I think that about covers it. 

You know what? We had a great time anyway! The kids loved it and even though it was stressful it was worth it when we sat on the train, me and my three crazy munchins, and they smiled and cheered, "CHOO CHOO!!!!"  So I guess all those years playing defense in soccer and lacrosse has paid off! lol! :)

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blackenpot said...

Hi, been away a couple of weeks, and have now caught up with Dj again. Sounds like you had a strenuous task, but lovely you all still managed to have a nice time.

Keep on.