Sunday, December 2, 2012

What a Surprise!

Two and a half years ago I started this blog as a new "autism mom" - scared, worried and unsure of the future. As a professional writer, blogging quickly became my outlet. It's been a place for me to share JD's development, my lessons learned and even some inspirational stories about our journey on the autism spectrum. I never imagined that anyone outside of our family would ever read my blog, but it's been a wonderful surprise to find out that people around the globe have stumbled upon it, one way or another, and have contacted me with questions, comments or just a quick "you're doing great mom!"

Just this week I received such a nice surprise from one of my readers. Her name is Deborah and she's one of my husband's friends and previous co-workers. A package arrived in the mail with a card and a beautiful pendant with five hanging charms: the first says Hope, the second is an autism ribbon, the third a little boy, the fourth says Faith and the last being a puzzle piece - the universal sign for autism awareness. How touched I was to receive this gift!  

Thank you Deborah so much for thinking of me! That was so thoughtful of you! I can't wait to wear it proudly - especially in April when it's Autism Awareness Month!

It's moments like these when I realize how far we've come. Not just JD, but our entire family. I'm no longer scared, just thankful that we've had so many wonderful people in our lives who have stood there and watched JD grow. Whether they're online, at work, or families and neighbors - we've been so fortunate to have helped spread the word about autism by living it first hand. 

This little guy is turning five in March. It's hard to believe it's almost been three years since his diagnosis. And although we struggle daily with different issues, I'm still amazed by the smallest things. Like today, watching JD drink from a bottle of water. Something so small took him about a year to learn how to do. No longer does water pour all down the front of his shirt... he's a bottled-water drinking pro! :)


Some Like It South! said...

Hi Lindsay,
I am so glad your pin finally arrived. I love the post and especially love the pic of JD (gonna be a heartbreaker!!) and "The Graham Crackers". You have a beautiful family!! :)

Jen said...

Hey Lindsay,

Just wanted to again say thanks for taking the time to share JD's story with the world. When I stumbled on your blog earlier this year, it changed my life; and reading your newest posts give me so much hope. It's also just nice to know there are others out there who are going through the same thing. Thanks again and I hope you and your cute fam have a very Merry Christmas!