Saturday, January 26, 2013

Something to Fight For

When I have tough days I find myself on Pinterest looking for words of inspiration, whether it's when I'm having a hard time at work, struggling with my faith, or feeling alone in this autism journey. It's been a really rough week - Jason and I are coming up to a time when we need to make some big decisions about JD's schooling and therapy. I'm a planner so to say I stress about the future is a major understatement. There's never a day that I don't worry about his life and think about how I could be doing a better job as his warrior mom. 

Sometimes I wonder why God gave JD to me. But it's in these weeks that I can see why. He knew that I'd fight for him, stress for him, plan for him, talk for him, cry for him, advocate for him. He knew that by giving JD to me, I would protect and love his angel and do anything in my means to give him the best life possible. 

Being an autism mom isn't easy, and some days I want to throw in the towel and wave the white flag of surrender. But instead each night I pick up the towel, wipe away the sweat and tears, wash it, dry it and hang it up nicely because I'm a STARTER in this game and I'll never let him down - he's counting on me to win. 


Nicole said...

Hey Lindsay! I taught children with autism for years, spent more time with them than their parents often did. Having said that, while I worried about their future in education and in life, I am POSITIVE it is nothing compared to the worry and stress that the parents deal with! I love following this blog because it reminds me how much I loved working with kids like JD. You are doing an amazing job and JD is beyond blessed to have you as a mom! Keep it up warrior! God knew exactly what he was doing when he blessed you all with JD! :)

blackenpot said...

Oh I cannot imagine all the worry and stress you must be experiencing. But there will be a way for you and the whole family to get through. He is so lucky to have you.
Thank you for sharing these thoughts.