Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Wow - I can't believe another year has flown by. Here we are one day away from Christmas! It's been a really busy day for our family, but 2013 has been a wonderful year for the Graham Crackers, especially JD. I was just telling Jason (my husband) that lately I've had this sense of peace and ease and I couldn't figure out why. But then I realized... JD is finally in the right school for him and I no longer have to fight for his well-being. Ever since the day he was diagnosed, I've had to fight for more services (OT, Speech, ABA, etc.), fight insurance companies for payments, and fight the public school system for the best IEP possible. But ever since the day we got his Matrix score and enrolled him at First Hope, I've been able to let my guard down. His teachers are AMAZING. Everyone at the school is like family, and JD has never been happier. He is learning so much.... he loves to practice his math facts, has made straight A's on his spelling tests and is beginning to read! I couldn't ask for more! Here are some pictures of my little man growing up. He's half way to 1st grade already!!

Here's JD with his best friend  :) 

 Here's JD with Mrs. Laura, his teacher. He LOVES her!

And here's JD making a Christmas tree "treat" at the First Hope holiday party!

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