Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Postive Behavior Support and PowerMeKids!

So here we are in May, a little over a month since JD's diagnosis. We went through about 3 weeks of ABA and after stressing about it day and night, we decided to try another option. I think we've found something that will work better for JD. After all - if I've learned anything from reading autism websites and blogs it's that there's no "one-size-fits-all" therapy for kids on the spectrum. Here's our next step...
After looking into EVERY program in Orlando I found something called PowerMeKids ( It's a preschool-like program for kids with diabilities. It's based on the principles of incorporating sensory intergration skills within a social setting and using positive behavior support (PBS). Are you asking yourself WHAT THE HECK DOES THAT MEAN? Hahaha, I did too :)
Instead of ABA, which basically focuses on changing or eliminating problem behaviors, PBS seeks to find out what the problem behaviors are coming from (such as an over/under stimulated sensory system, problems with gross or fine motor skills, social issues, etc.) and then attempting to help solve the problem by working on those skills or changing the environment to cope with those issues. It's really interesting. PBS is actually based off ABA research, but tweaked a bit. It doesn't have as much scientific data to back it up - but to me it seems like exactly what JD might need. It will give him a small social group (he'll have two other kids in his class) and he'll be working on ALL of his skills, not just behavior. He starts on the first Monday of June and I can't wait... I'm SO excited for him!

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Sharon said...

I cant wait either! It suits his happy go lucky personality and wild man craziness that i would never want to change! I love that boy just the way he is!!! wild and crazy and happy in a great home! Love Mom