Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dinosaur World!!!

I never imagined that I would ever love dinosaurs - and up until about six months ago I probably could have only named two - but oh how things have changed! JD has two favorite things in life, Thomas the Tank Engine and Dinosaurs. After two solid years of Thomas the Tank Engine, I was quite happy when he turned his attention to dinos. So needless to say I embrace all things dinosaur and on JD's 3rd birthday Jason and I embarked on an hour long drive to possibly the world's largest dino headquarters - Dinosaur World!

Now, before we got there I was ready for the tackiest of tacky theme parks. It's right off the side of the road on I-4 and you can see a massive T-Rex from the highway. But from the minute we got there I was quite impressed!!! First off, JD LOVED it. He ran into the entrance like he was in heaven. I snapped pictures the whole way through - beaming at my little man and his dino love.

"T-Rex! Brachiosaurus! Triceratops!" he squealed. I just laughed and let out a big sigh of relief because I didn't know if he would love it or be terrified of it. Thank goodness he loved it. Who wouldn't though - when you walk in you immediately enter a shop of a million dinosaur toys... every boy's dream.

We spent the afternoon walking up and down the trail and "hunted" for dinosaurs. JD got to do a "fossil dig" and play in the "boneyard" - it was the most perfect birthday for him. It was quiet, and peaceful and he was in his element. Seeing him light up with joy just makes me smile and remember how far we've come!

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