Saturday, March 26, 2011

What a Difference a Year Can Make!

Today was an amazing day! We celebrated JD's 3rd birthday with family and friends at a bounce house center in South Orlando called Puzzles. I was really excited to host it there because Puzzles was founded by two members of the Autism Society of Greater Orlando and not only is it a great place to take your kids to play, but it's also a place where they teach employment and independent living skills to young adults with developmental disabilities. What a great place to host JD's party!

I was a little nervous going in. JD can get overwhelmed pretty easily and this place is packed with bounce houses and kids running all over the place. But HE DID GREAT! It's amazing to see how far he's come in a year! It's great to see him jump right in and play with his friends, and do all the normal birthday things that other kids his age do.

Last year when we celebrated his 2nd birthday it was right before he was diagnosed. I look back now at the pictures and I can see how hard that day was for him. He looks stressed and overwhelmed and spent most of the time playing by himself with his cars while the other kids ran around having fun. Today it was totally opposite - he had a great time and was interacting with his friends the entire time.

I'm SO proud of him and SO happy for him! It was the best Spongebob birthday a little boy could have...I guess Spongebob is growing on me :)

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