Sunday, March 18, 2012

Back to Dinosaur World!

Today I decided to take the boys to Dinosaur World - which I personally think is hidden gem in Orlando theme parks. It's about an hour down I-4, but well worth the drive considering the price of admission is only $15 for adults, and $12 for kids 3 and up. The place is awesome - it's filled with HUGE dinosaurs hidden along a three-lined trails, two great kid playgrounds, a fossil dig where kids can take home the treasures they find, and a museum complete with moving dinos. Oh and I forgot to mention the MASSIVE shop with more dinosaur toys than you could ever imagine. My boys couldn't be happier there and it doesn't break the bank which makes me happy.

The thing I love most about Dinosaur World is the chill factor. It's just basically a wide open park. The boys can run around, there are no lines, no real "rules", and nothing to break. They run between the dinosaur trail and the two parks complete with dinos and dino skeletons to climb on. 

There's picnic tables all around the park, so you can just relax any time you need to and feed the kids and unlike a lot of parks they let you bring in your own food and drinks because there's only vending machines on-site. 

With two little ones with short attention spans, it's great. You can stay for two or three hours and feel like you got your money's worth. This time we bought year passes ($30 per adult, $25 for kids 3+... can't beat that!) and I'm sure we'll be back quite often. 

Here's some pics from our day! What a fun time!