Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday JD!

Today my little boy turned 4! And with his busy birthday behind us, I'm a little sad that the years are going by so fast. We had such a wonderful day today. We went to SeaWorld and JD had the best time. We started out in Shamu's Happy Harbor and made our way through the entire park. He even went on the kids roller coaster and LOVED it... looks like he does take after mommy and daddy!

This was one of the best days of my life. As I sat there and watched his little face light up during the shows today, it just really hit me how much he's changed my life. When we got to the park today we immediately went to the water play area. And right away I noticed another little boy with special needs. He was with his grandma, who was helping him walk through the splash pad even though she was fully-clothed. Although you couldn't tell by his facial expressions, he loved the water and she loved helping him experience it just like any other child. JD was running around like a crazy man and I started a conversation with her and her grandson. I found out that he was also on the autism spectrum, however much more severe than JD. If there's one thing about having a special needs child, it's that you're automatically accepted into this special tight-knit group. It's like we just have this special bond with each other. 

JD has made me a better mom and a better person. I've never met anyone as loving and sweet as that little boy and each day he amazes me more and more. Tonight we celebrated with his neighborhood friends and his two cousins. He wasn't interested in the cake (won't even eat a bite) but he did blow out the candles and was really excited about opening his gifts. Little does he know that he's one of the three best gifts I was ever given. :)

Happy Birthday Jason Trouble Graham!! I love you!!

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blackenpot said...

Happy birthday Jason! Hope that you had a wonderful day!

Thank you for sharing.