Monday, June 28, 2010

June Accomplishments!

WOW - here we are, already finished with the month of June! I can't believe how fast the weeks are flying by! Well it's been a GREAT month, probably one of the best of my life. JD is doing wonderful and has been really progressing in therapy. This is his 4th week in his new preschool, PowerMeKids, and his 5th week in speech and OT. It's almost like having a new child. OT has really made a huge difference in his life. He seems happier, less frustrated, more social, and more talkative. It's not like sentences are just flowing out yet or anything, but he's learning new words everyday.

The best part of the entire month is that for the first time JD kissed me! I've always kissed him, usually it lands on his forehead. But one night right before bed, I said "JD can I have a kiss?" and he came up and kissed me right on my lips! I was so happy my eyes teared up. It was one of the best experiences in my life. There's nothing better :)

He also went to see his first movie this month - Toy Story 3. Thanks to AMC movies, they do a "sensory friendly" showing of kids movies where they are aimed towards kids with autism. The lights aren't turned off and the noise is turned down and they can run around and make noise. It was actually nice to be in a group setting with people who totally don't care if my child is loud! Everyone was in the same boat!

All in all this month was wonderful. I'm hoping each one gets better and better. I'm really thankful because I've met two new friends - Margo and Andrea - their boys go to JD's school and we've all become friends. I'll be sad this August because their boys are off to pre-K, they're 2 years older than JD. But it's been so nice to have some friends who understand our everyday struggles!

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Sharon said...

wonderful to see JD so happy!!! i love the picture of that famous grin! kisskiss JD! Love Nana