Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Let the Race Begin!!!

One word to describe my feelings?.... excitement!

I've been waiting for this weeek for a while now. JD officially started his therapy program on Monday and so far it's been going as good as expected, but we're all worn out! I feel like I have a full time job again and it's only the second day!

Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings he'll be in his preschool program called PowerMeKids. It's a school based in sensory integration therapy. Yesterday was his first day and I think it went pretty well. They said he enjoyed the "Giggle Yogalates" and the obstacle course, but had a hard time with the more structured tasks. He's two - so it's hard to determine if that's more just part of his age or part of the autism. I think it's partially both.

Tuesday/Thurs mornings he's in speech and occupational therapy. And then every afternoon after his nap he's in therapy. Monday he has another speech session, Tuesday and Thursday is behavior and Wednesday is Music Therapy.

I'm just so happy it's finally here and I feel like we're making progress to getting him help! Thanks to everyone who is supporting our family through this big change in our lives!

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