Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lovin' It!

Last week was a big one... it was JD's first week at his new preschool that focuses on sensory integration. So far I love it! He seems to be doing really well, much better than I thought he would! He's also doing great in OT and Speech, which are through the same therapy center. I think the schedule and the routine have made things easier. This week he's done great - he's not crying or having a meltdown when we walk in and he's waiting to go into the classroom instead of trying to break down the door. Today was great because he really enjoyed his OT session. One thing I'm really interested in is called Therapeutic Listening. Right now JD has to listen to a therapeutic CD for 15 minutes on headphones. Eventually (once he's got the hang of it) he'll listen to 30 minutes, twice a day. It's really interesting! I read more about it online and I think it's a great way to help him organize his world. I can't explain just how happy I am that we're on the right track now! :)

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