Tuesday, June 1, 2010

May Accomplishments

May was a LONG month, but we got A LOT accomplished. Maybe not a lot therapy-wise, but a lot in planning for therapy to start. Starting on June 7th (next Monday) JD will begin his therapy program. He'll be getting 20 hours a week of various therapies: sensory integration therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, behavior therapy and music therapy. It's going to change our world completely! It feels like every minute of every day is scheduled, but for a Virgo like me I guess that's not all that bad!

JD also had some great accomplishments this month... he started saying a few more words: beep, beep! ash-ee (for ashley), nih-nih (for night-night), here you go, sip-ee (for sippy cup), biscuit, and probably a few more that I can't remember right now. Of course the funny thing is that he never says these words around his speech therapist so I'm sure she thinks I'm crazy when I tell her that he's saying all these words!

I'm REALLY excited for therapy to start next week! I feel like it's like a race to start and I'm sitting at the start line just fidgeting waiting to run!

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